Moonlight Productions is a full service video production house offering services to both individuals and business clients.

We provide services for weddings and event coverage, online marketing content, aerial photo and video, content for film and television, architectural photography, and more.   If you have an idea and vision, we can take that and turn it into something visually entertaining and useful.  Wether it is for your company website or aerial footage for a larger project, we can do it.  Let our camera lens tell your unique story.


My name is Ryan Greco and I AM Moonlight Productions.  I have a passion for the arts that pushes me every day to do something new and exciting.  Something different.  My favorite quote is “Art is finding your own truth and sharing it with others.”  I have found that this is my passion.  Filming YOUR story and giving you the opportunity to share that with others.

I have a passion for shooting emotional and telling stories.  Whether that be your wedding day or your next on-air commercial, I put the same amount of enthusiasm into each and every project.  Our goal is to create something that is different and unique yet conveys the message that you want.  We have worked with a wide range of clients, in multiple countries, on numerous projects that span television, online marketing, photography, and even content that has been shown on the movie screen.

Ryan Greco
Ryan GrecoVideographer - Photographer - Editor

Some of Our Clients



This is where the ideas come together and form a loose mold of the final project.  Here we will script, scout locations, and plan the shot list, allowing for a smooth and streamlined shooting schedule.


We will then use our detailed scripting to film the content we need for your final piece.


Once your footage is filmed, we then take it to our editing bay to transfer, backup, and start editing.  Editing times vary depending on the size and scope of the project.  We then deliver you the footage in the format your request.