Hilton Head Aerial Photography

We were out again this week taking some photographs from the air. These particular shoots took place on the south end of Hilton Head Island. It was a great time as the weather was perfect and the photos came out beautifully.  

Aerial photography and video is one of our favorite areas to tackle.  It sure is challenging but it gives us the opportunity to be very creative and capture some images that cannot be done any other way. This particular shoot was difficult as we had to maneuver between trees to get the shot, which is very typical here in the low country with the way our landscape is.

We often are asked how these photos are achieved.  There is a few simple answers to this question. First, it is with the equipment itself. We employ two aerial platforms to capture photos at multiple heights and angles. Second, and most important, is safety and experience in flying. We have logged hundreds of hours behind the controller on these drones which gives us the knowledge of how to fly in between obstacles and how to do it safely. Last, but not least, is the editing. We have a proven method to produce the most accurate and vibrant image possible. This has been done by constantly testing the re-testing the best methods of the equipment itself as well as an extensive knowledge of photo and video editing.

There is absolutely no other way to achieve this type of photography and the images are stunning. It allows you to showcase a property in an extremely unique way as well as attract the attention you want to your listing or rental property.  This is vital in an industry where competition is fierce and every advantage is necessary.

If you would like to learn more about this service as well as the others we offer, feel free to call or email us at any time. We want to take your photography and video to the next level. In essence, take your marketing to a “higher” level. 

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