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As some you may have seen in the news recently, the Federal Aviation Administration has put in place laws regarding the use of small unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes, including film and photo.  These new laws took effect on Monday, August 29th of this year.

The new laws state, in a nutshell, that all operations of drones for commercial use must be piloted by a certified remote pilot in command who must adhere to all planning, record keeping, safety, communications, and federal airspace guidelines outlined in Part 107 of the FAA regulations.

Under these new laws, the pilot must adhere and be educated on many topics of unmanned aircraft flight.  The first is airspace laws.  We have to be certain that the area we are flying in is not classified as restricted airspace.  If it is, we then have to apply for a waiver to part 107, which is a fairly simple process.  We also have to be aware of other hazards to flight such as weather, obstructions, equipment malfunctions, etc.  We also have to perform and record pre-flight and post-flight aircraft checks, software and aircraft maintenance, etc.  These topics are just a small part of what we have to know and be aware of.

This has been a touchy subject lately but the new regulations are finally here.  The good news is that our owner and creative director, Ryan Greco, holds this license and is fully capable of safely and lawfully carrying out aerial photo and video operations.  In order to receive this license, Ryan had to take a sUAS course, pass an exam, and register both himself and the two aircrafts we fly with the FAA.

We are proud and excited to announce this information as it is vital to allow us to provide our clients with the most breathtaking video and photo perspectives that cannot be achieved any other way.  We always want to provide our customers with the best quality video and photo possible as well as in the safest and most lawful way possible.

For more information on this topic, please feel free to call or email us today.  Let us take your video and photo to new heights, literally!

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