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We have been busy over the past few weeks photographing property inside, outside, and from the air. On average, we may shoot anywhere from 10-25 properties per week. This goes to show how busy our market is these days and how much benefits there is to professionally shot real estate photography.

We are finding out that more and more agents, rental companies, and homeowners are realizing the benefits to using professional photography and aerial photography for their rental and for sale properties. Here are some interesting statistics regarding the topic.

-Professionally photographed listings generate 61% more online views.

-Professionally photographed properties sell for up to $19,000 more

-Professionally photographed properties sell up to 21 days faster compared to those without

These three statistics alone are pretty powerful. Our point is that professional photography makes a huge difference to a potential client or renter. It not only helps single handedly sell the home but shows that you take pride in your work and want to attract the most attention to your listing. This can go a long way with anyone making a decision on buying or renting a home or someone trying to make a decision on a listing agent. 

With that being said, we here at Moonlight Productions take pride in our work. We strive to not just make the photograph beautiful and vibrant, but also stay true to the look of the property itself. We strive for accuracy, allowing the photograph to generate the leads you want. Quite a few of the properties we photographed went on the market and sold within weeks. One of the buyers went as far as to ask the agent to look at the property to see if it looked as good as the photos. Again, this is exactly what we want, an accurate yet enticing photo.

We use only very high quality equipment including cameras, lighting, and aerial imaging platforms along with the latest in shooting and editing techniques to create these images. Now it is not all about the equipment, which can be highly misleading. The photography techniques we use make all the difference, again giving you an accurate yet vibrant and exciting image. We treat every photo differently as the last, making sure we are capturing an image that is well balanced. We will not get into the details but the point is that it isn’t about just turning on the camera and pressing the shutter button. There is much more that goes into a great photo and we have the experience and knowledge to make that happen for you.

For information on our real estate photography and aerial photography, you may visit out photography section of our website or give us a call today. We want to be a part of your real estate success. 

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