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We had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful home in the Hampton Lakes community in Bluffton this past week. This community is quaint and packed with a ton of amenities including fishing, camping, kayaking, and a pool and clubhouse that is absolutely amazing. This particular home is a new build and absolutely gorgeous. The interior features beautiful hardwood floors, a stone fireplace inside and out, as well as high doors and ceilings. The feel of this home is amazing. You will not find many communities as unique and fun as Hampton Lakes.

Professional real estate photography is must for any realtor or home seller looking to add beauty, professionalism, and accuracy to their listing. In our research, we have found that homes sell 50% faster and 39% closer to their listing price when paired with professional photography services. They also add up to 61% more online views. This service not only allows you to focus more on your clients and other listings, but also shows your customers that you take pride in your listings. It brings out the beauty in the architecture and layout of the home and allows theproperty to essentially sell itself. Many listings are shown with non-professional photos. This will actually work against you, delivering the wrong message to your viewer. In most cases, the photos are flat, un-sharp, and un-edited.  Adding more negativity and questions the the photos rather than value.

Here are some very interesting statistics on the topic

1. Up to 80% of individual home buyers claim that they use the professional photos to make their decision to buy.

2. 90% of home buyers say that professional photos captivate their minds and allow them to make buying decisions effortlessly.

3. Listings with professional photos generate 139% more clicks than those that do not.

There are many goals when using professional real estate photography. The most important of those goals being to engage the viewer. Photography is inspiring. It attracts and engages the viewer, keeping them in place, on your website. If the viewer is not engaged, take a guess at what they will do. If you guessed click the “back” button, you are right. They will leave your page and move on to the next one until they find something pleasing.  Your website, and more importantly the content on it, are the most important resource you have to prospective clients. 

So that takes us to the question of what makes a great photo? In our opinion, there are two aspects that make a great photo. The first is accuracy. Your photos have to show the true physical features and emotional feel of the property. Many real estate photos are edited using software that strips the photo of its true nature and adds a dreamy or cartoonish look to the image. This is definitely not what you want. You want the property to look beautiful while staying true. The second area of great real estate photos is the vibrancy of the image. You want the photo to be pleasing to the eye and attract attention. This is done by using a bunch of techniques but, most importantly, lighting and editing.

Professional photography is not just a need. It is a must for any real estate professional. Moonlight Productions uses the latest in equipment, techniques, editing, and software to create an image that is vibrate yet accurate, allowing your customers to see the beauty in your listing.  We strive to produce something that will allow for maximum exposure and keep your prospects on your website. Call or email us today for more information. Let us take your listing to the next level. 


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